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Up-Close With Kevin Day

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kevinDay J. Kevin Day
Founder and Principal
Day & Associates

Up-Close With Kevin Day

In brief: Kevin Day founded Day & Associates in 1997. Since then, his organization has successfully placed some of our generation’s best and brightest leaders in senior executive positions and on boards.

Reason for founding the firm: There was a need for a search firm able to evaluate talent from a line manager’s perspective. I have faced the same sleepless nights over talent that top-level healthcare executives face, knew instinctively what they needed, and moved to fill the gap.

Business philosophy: Listen closely to clients, understand their needs, and then exceed their expectations: provide timely information—not just about candidates, but about the marketplace and competitors—and full support, from the initial discussion to onboarding.

Biggest challenge: Consistently finding, recruiting, and retaining A-level players for C-suite positions, whether the client is a start-up, mid-sized, or Fortune 500 company.

Most difficult search: Placing a seasoned, A-level board chairman for a turnaround pharmaceutical company. The candidate had to quickly grasp complex science, redefine the business model and research direction, negotiate the regulatory minefield, and squeeze every ounce of value from dwindling financial resources.

Biggest high: Finding the perfect match—an A-level candidate for a company that understands the talent and how to turn it loose.

Lessons learned: Excellence is not an act, but a habit; a robust Rolodex rules; real talent moves mountains; it’s all about relationship building; examine a candidate’s core—the words and music, experience dealing with adversity, and even what would his or her mother say!


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